If the only water you could get was from a dirty, polluted stream, and your child was crying from thirst, what would you do?

Parents in developing countries around the world are faced with this deadly dilemma every day. Waterborne illnesses spread by unsafe drinking water can lead to a number of complications that can kill even strong adults within days. Small children are even more vulnerable.

While the cholera epidemic has killed many people, simple dehydration (often due to diarrhea caused by consuming unsafe drinking water) continues to kill children each day as well. These deaths are entirely preventable, with the advent of a reliable source of clean drinking water and access to hygienic sanitation.

By providing water wells, purification systems, hygienic sanitation facilities, and cisterns for villages in desperate need of a clean water source, you can help save lives and build healthier communities. The gift of having clean drinking water nearby also enables children to go to school instead of spending hours collecting water, and also frees up adults to pursue more productive tasks.

We need your help to bring clean drinking water to impoverished communities that for too long have watched their children needlessly suffer due to a lack of life’s most basic necessity.

Provide Clean Water

Clean drinking water is essential for life. In developing countries, the lack of access to clean drinking water often results in serious illnesses and death. Your gift will help provide lifesaving water to drill wells, build sanitation facilities, and provide water purification systems.