Can you imagine being unable to afford to buy food for your children? Poverty-stricken parents face this heartbreaking predicament every day throughout the Country. Without an education or the opportunity to earn anything close to a living wage, they simply can’t afford the nutrition their children need to develop. For little ones, this lack of nutrition can quickly become lethal.

RONPU conducts awareness campaigns on how to ensure good nutrition for children and the advantages of fortified products. At the same time, there is a lack of knowledge about where and how people source food, Children who were fed on unbalanced diet had a higher chance of developing malnutrition since they are more likely to live in a low social economic environment with limited access to nutritious food. RONPU send volunteers to educate and assist the people on how to live healthy lifestyle.

The harsh reality for these poor families is that if they cannot grow enough food or earn enough money to buy food, they are left to hope for a miracle of compassion. This is where you step in.


We rely on kind donors like you to provide lifesaving food for malnourished children and destitute families in need of support. Your donations help us to quickly and efficiently ship food to Families, Individual and feeding programs in desperately poor communities.